Pauline Ryan

CEO and Broker
Pauline started Loanworx in 1998 after working for a number of Mortgage brokers. She decided to make a difference and not just help people find the right loan, but give them the knowledge they needed to make the most of their loan.

Mark Ryan

Senior Broker
Mark has been involved in the finance industry since 1995. He’s not just a broker, Mark also trains new brokers. Mark can guide you through the whole process and give you the tools you need to have a successful home loan.

Geoff McKenna

Senior Broker
Prior to starting my finance career I purchased several properties and so personally experienced the buying and selling process many times. I have a Bachelor of Engineering from Melbourne University (Honors) and practiced for many years as a Professional Consulting Engineer.

Neil Lovis

Neil has 30 years experience in the banking and finance industry. Working across all segments with expertise in home loans for self employed people/complex structures and commercial finance. Neil comes highly recommended for all types of property and vehicle / equipment finance.

David Glenn

David is a skilled professional with a passion for property, having been an avid investor for many years, and has had first-hand experience from a clients perspective. David is dedicated to customer service and helping clients get the most out of their loan.

Melissa Robinson

Melissa is a hard worker dedicated to helping people secure the right loan for their individual needs and circumstances. Melissa exceeds in listening to people’s needs and putting these needs first in Loan Structuring.

Satyaveer Singh Jodha

Satyaveer is passionate & committed mortgage broker in assisting clients chose the best and most favorable loan to achieve their financial goals. Satyaveer specialize in first home buyer as he has experienced personally how daunting and confusing the loan process is for the first home buyers. Satyaveer provides exceptional customer service and support at every stage of the loan process.

Yang Zhao

Yang is dedicated to helping clients find the perfect solutions to enhance their financial lives. Yang is highly committed and provides a high standard of customer service to all of his clients. Yang uses his professional knowledge to assist clients achieve their financial goals.

Chamal Edirisinghe

Chamal loves to understand clients. Once he has your full details he will source the best options for you and present them to you for your choice. He follows the process with minute detail, as he is the project manager to make settlement happen.

Purna Gurung

Purna (David) worked part time and studied hard to achieve both his accounting degree and his mortgage broking qualifications. As a bilingual person, Purna can speak English, Nepali, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, and Urdu. Purna is here to help.
Purna Gurung is a credit representative (473871)of BLSSA Pty Ltd ACN 117651760 (Australian Credit Licence 391237).



Kimberley Le

Kimberley has a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking and is also a licensed conveyancer. For all types of loans, leases and sales, she is exceptionally skilled and will be able to assist you achieve your goals.

Kim Mcwilliam

Info to come